A project to excite people about embedded computing

We want to build a series of activities (and any supporting hardware) to excite young people to use the Raspberry Pi.We want to show computing isn’t just about desktops.

Thirty years ago, the BBC micro project was at a time when computers were beginning to move into the home and showed viewers how they could relate industrial applications to the domestic environment. e.g. showing the British Library’s catalogue and linking it to creating a database at home. Now the shift is to ubiquitous computing, and the Raspberry Pi is well placed to show how computing has become more embedded and connected, and encourage people to use embedded computing. e.g. the trend for so called ‘Internet of Things’ and ‘physical computing’.

The activities we develop must have an easy entry point, to enable encouraging progress to be seen without too much of a challenge, but include possibilities for extension. Although primarily fun and having appeal to people whose primarily interest may not be in computer science (CS), the activities will introduce simple CS concepts where appropriate. Pointers to further information will be included to enable and encourage users to experiment and extend the project, learning about principles of CS as they go. Where possible activities should connect and integrate with social media, making them more engaging and publicising them to other users.


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