Building on the Raspberry Pi – adding value

What guys have done is great. We want to take their platform and make it easy for beginners to interface switches, lightbulbs, toasters and things in the real world with it so they can control things easily. Perhaps someone would want to tweet their toaster to make breakfast for them as they get up, or protect their bedroom from unwelcome vistors (like a sibling) by taking a picture and emailing it when the door is opened.

Adding value to Raspberry Pi

The ‘added value’ we want to provide is the hardware and associated resources to interface the Raspberry Pi to the real world. It would allow it to sense and manipulate its environment, reading switches and sensors and driving motors and actuators. The hardware interface would also provide an nice clean API, with good observability to promote easy development, and reduce technology barriers.

Robots are popular with children and the hardware interface allows us to create a Raspberry Pi robot. This creates a unique resource for the performance/cost point, allowing the mass market to add more advanced interfacing and control – e.g. image recognition to their robots (this is much harder with the existing Arduino and other hobbyist platforms).


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