Scratch Controlling IO Interface on Raspberry PI

This project has always focused on education and ease of use. As such, at the other end of hacking the kernel, here’s piface being controlled in scratch.


Next step is to build the IO monitor that allows easy debugging of hardware and add the libraries for python.


11 thoughts on “Scratch Controlling IO Interface on Raspberry PI

  1. Have you altered the Scratch code at all for this to work or have you used the standard sensing abilities? If the former, can you/we/I investigate using it with BYOB rather than just plain Scratch.I’ve having difficulty getting the BYOB image to work with the wheezy distribution but it’s fine with squeeze. I haven’t tried raspbian yet until I can get the networking sorted out.John

  2. This shot shows some extensions to standard Scratch in the Sensing and Motion facilities, I think. How or where do I get these extensions, please?Robin.

  3. Please give information on how we can get this to work with scratch WITHOUT having to re-flash our SD cards! I don’t fancy losing everything I have done on my current SD, including settings and extensions, apps etc. It feels like being told to buy a new car just because we have new parts for it.I just got this and it seems the only support and information on how to use it is from other people, and most of the time it’s just showing it working but now how. Really frustrating!

  4. I too like to know what needs to be installed (exact steps) so can (a) understand it and (b) add it to other SD images like Ben indicates. You have some basic steps here -> but some time needs to be spent on documentation. It’s great to play around with the latest and greatest features but the basics are still needed. We have given away 5 x Piface to 5 local schools and now want to enable their SD cards so they can do Scratch with PiFace but it’s hard to get the steps from anywhere (loading a Full SD image which works is not an option).

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