Raspberry Pi IO Interface Board

We’re now opening up preorders for all developers at http://shop.openlx.org.uk for our first main batch. We’ve also got a demo of a robotic twittering chicken to show you what you can achieve in a few minutes:


We expect to have the boards to you in less than two weeks and sample code and python libraries even sooner! Oh and do let us know what you’ve got planned for them.


11 thoughts on “Raspberry Pi IO Interface Board

  1. Looks brilliant. I stumbled across this page purely by accident and it looks exactly what I’m looking for. Can’t wait for your next updates, a few tutorials and how too’s and then I’ll certainly be buying one. (My electronic skills aren’t that advanced hence why I’m holding back). Keep up the good work

  2. Interested to know whether RPi can achieve the 10MHz SPI clock rate of the MCP23S17 using this board – and how fast you can toggle I/O pins in consequence. I see 20KHz and 5KHz mentioned in the driver output, but…?

  3. Thanks Gordon — we’re really grateful for your work on wiringPi. Analogue version shouldn’t be too long off!

  4. Great! Look forward to it. I’m actually putting together a more generic interface to both the SPI and I2c variants of the MCP23-17 chips too.I’ve also just written some SPI code for the A/D and D/A chips on the Gertboard too – (not quite gotten a writeup for it yet), but if you use the same (or similar) chips, then it’ll be almost ready to go!-Gordon

  5. I would like to know the dimensions (length, width and height) having its fantastic Interface Board.As this making acrylic cases for "Rapsberry Pi computer" and I would like them compatible with your interface Board.Thank you very muchG. Perez

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