Making PiFace Even Easier

I’m amazed how fast time goes, so a quick update on the world of PiFace

We’ve worked hard to package up the PiFace Digital software into debian packages. It’s now possible to install it using apt-get.

The latest version of Raspbian has the packages included by default

We’re also nearly ready to launch the new website — there’s a sneak preview below. I’d hope to post the URL in the next couple of weeks once we’ve finished testing.



8 thoughts on “Making PiFace Even Easier

  1. If the PiFace software is now included in Raspbian, why does the screenshot show instructions for downloading the .deb manually? 😉

    • Well spotted! (We knew about it too though!) It’s why we’ve not released the website yet — it needs an update before we even have time to release it! Shows how fast Raspberry Pi is moving!

  2. Hello,
    thanks a lot for your work. I’m a french teacher in sciences & technology, we are working on the arduino (I’m also a “teacher trainer”) but I’m developping around the RPi too, and the PIFace. Your product is really great.
    But I have a request for all debutant in school : is it possible to make a special lightwieght “PiFace distrib” that can boot only on Scratch and with all option activated to work ?
    After that, they would have to change the SD card to use another distrib if they want, but I think it would help a lot of people to start with.

    thanks a lot !

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