New Version, Raspberry Pis to Africa, Competition and Workshops

Lots has happened since the last post – so much we’ve not had chance to keep the blog updated. Here are some highlights:

New revision coming out soon – PiFace Mk2 will be available shortly and features more LEDs, jumpers to disable onboard relays etc. and on board rubber foot to keep the board stable. Gordon Henderson was lucky enough to get hold of one of the first versions and has kindly written about it on his blog

We’re currently working to run a project with Raspberry Pi in parts of Africa. More details in subsequent post.

Raspberry Pi Bake Off competition will be launching in the next couple of weeks, check back soon for sign up details. There’s some really cool prizes.

Workshops for Teachers — we’ve run some workshops to train teachers how to use Raspberry Pi.


And finally, we’ve nearly cracked international orders — we also expect to announce very soon how those of you not in the UK can order a PiFace.